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A day in Sardinia 1 - Alghero

Starting from this post, I'll try to show a mix of everyday life and tourism in Sardinia. Posts will be written in English because my purpose is communicate with people outside Italy the beauty and some bites of the culture of my motherland. You can look at these posts as a sort of invitation to discover the joy of living here.
 My English is not so good, so please forgive the inevitable grammar mistakes that will appear here and there.
Anyway, welcome to Sardinia. Please be me guests!

Some weeks ago, I spent a couple of days in Alghero, a small, fortified city in the north-western coast of Sardinia.

Most of Sardinian towns have usually two names: the Italian (official) one and the original Sardinian one. In these case, due to its mixed Catalan-Sardinian origins, it has three names: Alghero (Italian), S'Alighera (Sardinian) and L'Alguer (Catalan).

This is one of the old portal to Alghero, in a bastion facing the port.

Alghero's old town is a medieval city, mainly built in the 14th century and the 16th century by the Catalans, so it's all bastions, towers and little squares where you can wander through a lot of  small, crowded shops that sell local products like wines and jewels made with precious red coral, 

 enjoy the sea sight or just pretend you're fighting the pirates coming from the far lands on the other side of the sea...

...using one of the few remaining cannons you can find on the bastions.

When you walk, see and shop for half a day, the best idea you can have is spending your lunch time in one of the many restaurants of the city. The experience of tasting the Sardinian sea food in a wonderful terrace near the bastion is something you can't miss; anyway, the important thing now is the food, so make sure to try at least the local variant of the Catalan paella, the linguine all'astice (linguine with Homarus) or linguine all'aragosta (linguine with spiny lobster). Both dishes are delicious, but the second one can be dramatically expensive.  

There are a lot of nice restaurants: Il Macchiavello, AngedrasCasablanca, Al Tuguri and, Al Vecchio Mulino, just to name a few of them. Prices are medium, not exactly cheap but not too much expensive: more or less from 30 to 50 euros per person. 

One of the places you can go when in Alghero is, of course, the sea.
In a 20 miles distance from Alghero you can find a lot of wonderful places, but if you don't want to move too much from the city you can go here:

The name is Maria Pia a small pinewood with a beautiful beach and big sand dune, as many Sardinian beaches were 40 years ago.  It's just two miles from the city but you can have white sand, clean blue water and a lot of services.

Enough for a single day :)
Next time in Alghero, I hope I can show you my favorite place to have a coffee and some nice local products such as corals and wines.

In the meantime, if you come to Alghero, drop a comment and let me know if you liked it!

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White Blossom✿ ha detto...

WOW! E' inusuale e fantastico allo stesso tempo... vedere Alghero in un blog che parla di Giappone!... Di Alghero è la mia origine (anche se vivo a Genova) e il Giappone è da sempre la mia passione! Graziee

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